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All About Daylight Savings Time

Daylight savings time has been around for a long time and most of us were born practicing it. The younger generations who were born with DST just keep on following the practice without question. Some people, however, have asked why this has to be so.

To add more day time to our days, this practice was enforced. When we work and go to school, we have a lot of daylight to do these things. This is very practical in temperate regions since the variation in the amount of daylight against darkness throughout the season is great.

Some people want to know if DST is really necessary today. One of the reasons for daylight savings time is for energy conservation. Since daylight savings time give you more daylight, then you reduce the use of electricity. Depending on when the sun sets, this determines the amount of electricity that people use at home. If your bedtime is very near the time of the sunset, then you wouldn’t be using much of your light than when your bed time is still long after the sun has set. This has the assumption that people go to bed at a certain time of the night which today some still do but most don’t. Moving the sunset an hour later will use less energy in the summer. Bedtime means putting out the lights.

Morning light is needed during the winter. Days are longer during summer but not during winter so when the time is changed then people wake up after the sun rises.

With daylight savings time, the opportunities for activities outdoors is increased. This gives time during winter to do more outdoor activities if it is still light outside.

When there is still light outside when you drive home from work is something good because you can see better. DST can also help reduce crime which are usually committed on dark areas.

However, not all people agree that daylight savings time should continue. There is no universal acceptance of DST. There are many places that do not observe DST. With only a few benefits people find it taxing to be adjusting their clocks twice a year. There are those who do not want to change their sleep patterns just because the clock has to be adjusted. When sleep patterns are changed, it affects work productivity and can lead to auto accidents. If you are a forgetful person, you can show up late or early for work when the changes occur.

More daylight means more air-conditioning time which will increase your energy bill. And air conditioning uses more electricity that lighting does.

DST adds pollution since more cars are out late.

Farmers don’t appreciate DST because their animals don’t observe it.

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