Understanding Lanterns

Guide to Choosing a Lantern Light

In this article, we will walk you through the different types of lanterns and how to choose the right product for your needs. It is worth noting that one can use lantern light both at homes and outside when camping. Besides, lanterns are also great at home for emergency preparedness or a survival kit.

It is vital first to understand the type of light you need. One can choose from a number of outdoor lights, these include flashlights, headlights, and lanterns. Lanterns are ideal since they are great for hands-free illumination of a surrounding area. Another benefit of using lanterns is that they provide three hundred and sixty degrees of flood lighting. Lanterns also come in multiple sizes depending on one’s needs. For instance, when looking for car camping lights, you should consider choosing larger units, on the other hand, smaller units are ideal for backpacking.

Another essential consideration when choosing lantern light involve noting the battery type. There are lanterns that are powered by alkaline and lithium batteries.

Though people prefer water resistance lights, most lanterns do not come with full-immersion waterproof properties; however, you may find some with water and splash resistance. Always inquire from the manufacturers of the lantern lights if the gadgets are water resistant.

The output of the light is also a vital consideration when shopping for lanterns. It is worth noting that the units used in measuring the output of light is lumen; this implies that lanterns with higher lumens have brighter lights. In addition, the brightness of light in lanterns is not measured equally, for instance, some are measured inside the lantern at the bulb while others are measured from outside the lantern.

The size and weight of a lantern depends on one’s needs. Smaller lamps are perfect for backpackers, since they will have a low output and weigh only a few ounces. On the flipside, larger lanterns are slightly heavier and are ideal for lighting up an entire campground.

The other vital consideration in choosing the best lantern is the energy cost. One of the greatest influence of a lighting’s energy usage is the type of bulb that a lantern uses. As much as one may want to lower the energy costs, they should not compromise on the quality and durability of the lighting.

The lantern light you choose should illuminate the house and the compound including the entryways, stairs, walkways so as to prevent accidents when your family and visitor are walking around the compound. It is important to pay attention to the above tips when choosing the right lantern light.

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