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Choose an SSD with at least 250 GB of storage, although that is more like an absolute minimum than an efficient start line. Many modern games can exceed 50 GB, and you’ll also must allocate roughly 30 GB for Windows. But what about all those different packages you use regularly which are still limiting your day-to-day performance? AVG TuneUp can safely put these to sleep, then wake them up when you want them. Does Windows get more and more slower with every program you put in on your PC or laptop — directly impacting all of your games?

The CPU runs at a clock velocity of 3.6GHz, giving this six-core CPU incredible power and making your day-to-day duties feel speedy. The CPU is backed up by the Nvidia GTX 1660 Ti graphics card, giving you superb FPS in max settings when gaming at 1080p...

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