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What to Consider When Looking for a Compounding Pharmacy

Some health complications require more than the mass-produced prescriptions that are usually created in an automated fashion. Normally, that may require you seeking medications to a specialist who s proficient in mixing, combining and altering two or more medications to meet your specific needs. Your needs are best served by a compounding pharmacy and not the traditional pharmacies we are accustomed to. They are advanced in capacity and have all the resources required to offer special medication that a patient needs. Nevertheless, we cannot say that every compound pharmacy you will find there can meet your particular wants. As such, it is imperative that you ensure you are choosing the right compounding pharmacy. In this guide we have provided a few elemental factors that you should take into consideration so that you can choose a reputable and certified compound pharmacy.

You should ensure that the compounding pharmacy has accreditation from the Pharmacy Compounding Accreditation Board (PCAB). The PCAB prescribes rigid standards and indorses only establishments that act by the nationally accepted and putative standards for compounding pharmacies. When a patient selects PCAB recognized pharmacy, they can be more certain that they are getting compounded drugs from a trustworthy source. PCAB certifications points out that the pharmacy has obeys all the prescribed protocols each moment that a prescription is prepared. Fewer than 200 American compound pharmacies have obtained the sought-after PCAB recognition till now.

Furthermore, you will want to know about whether the pharmacists in the specific compounding pharmacy have and what kind of training it is. Ideally, every pharmacist at these establishments should have gotten advanced compounding training from an acknowledged institution. For them to come up with the right compounding formula, extensive research, development, and testing is needed. So, the pharmacist need to be critical thinkers and have the knack to triumph hurdles that hamper the preparation of that formula. They can do so if they have gotten ACPE-accredited primary basic training courses.

To ensure top-quality compounding standards, the pharmacy should obtain quality chemicals from reliable sources. As such, ensure that your pharmacy works only with respectable providers that are recognized to supply pure, pharmacologically active ingredients. Furthermore, you will want the pharmacy to show you the Certificate of Analysis (CofA) for each substance they use to make the compounded drugs.

Last but not least, the compound pharmacy should also have batch testing for the compounded drugs to verify the total safety and accuracy in each case. This can be done through an internal team or an independent testing agency. Batching is essential as it is done to cut down the possibilities of errors by subjecting the samples of the compounded drugs through several tests.

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